Below you will find our current prices.    

Each driving lesson is 90 minutes long


Package 5 lessons EN €   345,00
Package 10 lessons EN €   685,00
Package A (12 lessons(18hours), Interim Test, Exam) EN €   1275,00
Package B (17 lessons(25½hours), Interim Test, Exam) EN €   1600,00
Package C (22 lessons,(33hours) Interim Test, Exam) EN €   1935,00
Due to uncertain times, longer reservation terms and possible lockdown, no packages including an exam or test will be sold. The exam or Interim Test will only be charged at the time of booking.    
Single Driving lesson (90 min.) EN €   70,00
Interim Test (Tussentijdse Toets) EN €   200,00
Final (practical) Exam EN €   255,00
  • Please include your choice of package in your registration, so you will be able to schedule your first driving lesson as soon as possible.
  • Did you buy too many lessons? We will refund you for them.
Prices valid until 1. July 2021    

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