Driving Lessons



Our young and dynamic driving school employs experienced driving instructors. As we believe that in a city inhabited by many international students, foreigners and expats, there should be a driving school specifically aimed at them,we founded a driving school that provides quality at an affordable price. International students, foreigners and expats generally aren’t interested in unnecessary and cost-increasing facilities such as a big luxurious car, a classroom for theory lessons, an appointment office, an expensive skill assessment test or a driving simulator. Because the International Driving School does not provide these facilities, we can offer considerably lower prices.

What can we offer you?

  • Experienced and motivated driving instructors
  • You determine how quickly you want to complete your driving course
  • Driving lessons in a new, air-conditioned Mini Cooper, with navigation (during winter the car will be equipped with winter tires)
  • You will have the option of taking an intermediate CBR test, in order to be better prepared for your final practical driving exam
  • We accurately monitor your progress via an online (password-secured) instruction card, which means that you can review your progress at home with your own account
  • The option of studying the theory online
  • Prices starting at 67 Euros per lesson (90 minutes)
  • Great results: on average, our students require 30 to 35 hours of driving lessons to pass the final test. The nationwide average is 40 hours
  • The entire course in the English language, including the interim test, final exam and theory lessons

What do we expect from you?

  • You make sure to pass your theory certificate in time
  • You take your lessons in sessions of two consecutive lessons, preferably two to three times a week
  • You pay for your lessons in advance by banktransfer
  • You cancel any lesson you’re unable to attend at least 48 hours (two workdays) prior to the appointment. Otherwise we will invoice you for the scheduled lesson
  • You follow the instructions given to you during the lessons accurately and understand that any criticism your instructor gives you is intended to be constructive
  • You start every lesson in a good mood
  • You pay the fees for the final practical part of the driving test at the start of your course, so we can immediately schedule the test with the CBR

Any questions?

Should you have any other questions, please contact us by email info@studentenrijschool.nl Contacting us by phone is also possible, but please keep in mind that it may be inconvenient during driving lessons. We appreciate your understanding.


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